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Why Choose Us?


Please note you could qualify for a VAT exempt bathroom and benefit from a huge saving, enquire with us further.

Easy access bathrooms are essential and we aim to cater for all and with our great range of disabled bathroom products. We are able to provide a range of bathroom products which include showers or baths that offer ease of use to both the disabled and those affected by limited movement.

Ensuring that your bathroom suite is usable is one of the most important aspects of disabled bathroom design and with our expansive range of grab rails, seats and easy access baths, showers and basins we aim to make both bathing and manoeuvrability around your bathroom as easy as possible.

Our range of comfort height toilets ensure those with limited movement can use the toilet more easily. Choose easy access showers to keep your bathroom at the edge of modern design. View our range of products here at Plumbwise and see how our easy access bathroom design can help disabled and elderly bathroom users.