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vboxboilers online portal

We really pleased to announce our new online portal is now active.

It was our intention to launch an online portal where customers can answer a few questions whilst carrying out a self survey.

By doing this it allows us to cut down on our carbon footprint by allowing us to carry out digital surveys from a distance.

The VBOX portal only offers the best and most reliable brand boiler as voted by which magazine readers Viessmann.

Viessmann have various solutions and options that can accommodate any size or style home.

Accompanied by our trained and accredited installation team we can survey and install your new Viessmann product anywhere in the UK within 48hrs.

We both excited and looking forward to facilitating this over the next few months.

We want VBOX to be associated as a brand you can rely on and be just as reliable as the Viessmann boilers we will be fitting.




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